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GenDatabase LLC is an organization incorporated in the State of Delaware in the United States of America. GenDatabase was established 15 years ago as a small group of Genealogy researchers from around the world, focusing solely on South African Genealogy. Our aim was to build and grow the largest databases of transcribed records on South African ancestors.

Today, we offer access to a free searchable database where users can search publicly accessible information, as well as information contributed by Genealogy researchers on ancestors the past 100 years. Our goals are to gather, protect, and make available information on ancestors from South Africa.

We currently maintain the world’s largest online South African ancestor database, offering visitors access to more than 500 million searchable transcriptions! Not only do we provide users with access to transcribed information, but we also attempt to verify, where possible, transcribed information against sources, such as the Master of the High Court, church records, Population Register and official South African Government Gazettes.

Please feel free to look at the services on offer and join GenDatabase.com in order to find more information on your ancestors who settled or originated in South Africa!

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