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Matthew Bode is a well-known and renowned South African Genealogist. Over the past few years, Matthew has created a number of online tutorials on conducting South African Genealogy research online. Below are some of Matthew's videos from his Youtube channel. These videos are a great resource for any person wanting to learn more about researching their Genealogy online.

South African Genealogy: Using GenDatabase

South African Genealogy: Locating Pre-1950 Estate Files Online

South African Genealogy: Locating Civil Death Notices

Zimbabwean Genealogy: Locating Death Registers Online

Utilising FamilySearch for South African Genealogy

South African Genealogy: Locating Early Marriage Records

Locating Dutch Reformed Church Records Online (Cape Province)

Utilising Transvaal Marriage Indexes

How to Source Documents from

South African Genealogy: A Case Study

Locating Post-1930 Marriages on FamilySearch (South Africa)

A Beginner's Guide to South African Genealogy

Using FamilySearch to Find Registration Districts

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